2Pac version of Holler if Ya Hear Me Video

(makg86) #1

My question is does Interscope have it in their vault? Does it even exist?

(makaveeti) #2

The original version was rejected by Interscope however there were 2 edits submitted:

  1. A scene mid way through the video where a guy walks up to a police officer and shoots him. This was edited out for legal reasons and re-edited so it doesn’t look like the police officer was shot but just spooked instead.

  2. At the end of the music video there is a voice over of pac saying ‘Revolution is the only way’ - Interscope insisted on this being removed also.

Interscope accepted the 1st edit after some pressure but rejected the 2nd edit. This is the revised version that was released and made available to this day.

I have a master copy of the version containing the 2nd edit with the voice over which to my knowledge is unreleased.

(Smoke-A-Lot) #3

Are you willing to upload the 2nd edit of the video or I am asking too much? :slight_smile:

(makaveeti) #4

If I leak it, it will be probably be on a project in VIP.

(makg86) #5

Thank you for shedding light on the matter.

Hope to see your upload one day :wink::+1: