2Pac - When I Get Free I (OG Vibe Demo)

(szczecho) #1

was thinking how this would sound with normal 2pac voice and came up with this, 15 minutes work

(Killathuggrmx) #2

i think it sounds better slowed dwn homie. did u make the beat??

(szczecho) #3

no I just changed the pitch and tempo and added drums from my getting money og vibe beat, oh and I used Irving2pac remaster

it would sound better slowed down with normal 2pac voice, but only changing the pitch distoorts the sound too much

(Killathuggrmx) #4

i find the simpler the mix to make the better it sounds

(szczecho) #5

yup, same here, the more freestylish the mix sounds the more I like it, and I don’t mean the general sound quality but the way the beat is layed down and the mix is done

slowed down 2pac when i get fre i og vibe sloed down - Instaudio