Archive Mondays - 2pac - Secretes Of War (Complete Guide)

(LostSkanless) #1

2pac - Secretes Of War (Complete Guide)


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(thug1985) #3

Thanks for this. Just a question: Do you have the full Secretz Of War (Version II)???

(2Real29) #4

Thanks @LostSkanless

(theg) #5

Thanks :sunglasses:

(2Real29) #6

@TupacCat using the full Kadafi verse, can someone do a full mix with all the outros?

(Tupac Cat) #8

@2Real29 Tried in the past but never been satisfied with the result sadly

(bjay) #9

It would be hard to do because both versions of the songs are different in arrangements musically so it wouldn’t sound good.

(c50barz) #10

Thanks 4 This!!!

I did a decent job blending the Kadafi verse on this mix:
[(secrets of war )] (((c50barz remix))) {{{ ft. 2pac & tha outlawz}}}

(2Real29) #12

Will have a listen @c50barz. Thanks. @TupacCat anything you felt led to do. if even a redo, is always appreciated. Such a great song,

(Crusty) #13

i`d love to see Run Tha Streets with the unheard verse next. Always wanted the source file for the best possible remaster.

(LostSkanless) #14

good idea

(diamenz) #15

fourteen days ago? ugh, how did i miss this. belated thanks.

the rules version sounds sooo much better than the old leak.

(Sjena187) #16

Archive Mondays are back :slightly_smiling_face: much props

(tharow) #17

thanks how come this didn’t show on the new topics page I check daily @djcoma

(djcoma) #18

Probably because the topic was created 2 weeks ago for the VIP and then moved into the public forum yesterday. It’s new to you, but technically not new.

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thanks I found it now best if I use the latest tab as it shows everything post wise

(diamenz) #21

could you elaborate on the vip forum? didn’t know one existed.

(Svengali) #22

Apparently there’s lots of duplicates in this one, 4 of them are the same version; So there’s only 2 versions in this batch in total?