B1 - J-Flexx: Dr. Dre’s Unreleased "Chronic 2” Album At Death Row Pt. 1

(LostSkanless) #1

Dr Dre - Chronic ll (Papa’s Got A Brand New Band) Sessions

  1. California Love ft Roger Troutman
  2. Blunt Time ft Roger Troutman
  3. Back Pay (Samples James Brown - The Big Payback)
  4. All Of The Bullshit We Been Thru (Co-Produced By Buda)
  5. Hookers By The Dozen ft RC (Po’ Broke & Lonely)

(jsil5484) #2

Maybe one day when hell freezes over we will hear those songs haha

(LostSkanless) #3

but at least we know they are real, sooner or later i’ll get them fam!!!

(ThaRealest28) #4

can someone clarify if there is a version with blunt time with 2pac on it? ruour has it dre and rage was on it also

(LostSkanless) #5

pt 2 breaks down cali love & blunt time

(JonnyTanna) #6

I still don’t understand why Dre won’t hear his fans and go back to doing G-Funk.

Compton was such a disappointment, to have that title and it’s some trap bullshit, with the exception of one or two good songs

(djcoma) #7

(Okka) #8

Great little interview. I’m glad to hear J. Flexx is still alive. Is he workin’ on any new music?

(djcoma) #9

(7hemack) #10

Crazy shit!

(jsil5484) #11

When will part 2 be out?

(Yung Jay) #12

We need that verse rage need to release 2pac on that beat I can just imagine