California Love (Mannie Fresh Remix)

(Chana Montana) #1

Hey guys, I was wondering if someone can do some magic to this and create a full version.

It seems like it has all the parts (intro, main, break) so hopefully one of y’all can chop it up and drop a full mix

(djcoma) #2

That’s dope. Did Mannie play it on a live stream or something?

(Chana Montana) #3

Yeah my dude, its from here;


(Dennis Mitchell) #4

Dope! I’m very glad I didn’t miss this thread. Thx

(Killathuggrmx) #5

2pac cali mannie fresh,quick mix

(djcoma) #6

That Earth Wind & Fire remix at the start is also :fire:

(Chana Montana) #7

Yo my dude; can you upload the instrumental of this? And can you make it longer, into maybe a 4-5 minute mix of the instrumental?

I’ve always wanted an extended mix of it

(Killathuggrmx) #8

do u jus want the instrumental? i didnt save the mix so id have to loop it again n post it.

(Killathuggrmx) #9


full mix

(Chana Montana) #10

Thanks my dude! You killed it with the extended instrumental!

(djcoma) #11

I’d like to do a REAL remake of that remix some day if I get the time. It’s mostly a matter of finding identical drum samples.

(Killathuggrmx) #12

my goal by the end of this summer is to b able t make beats meself

(Dennis Mitchell) #13

nice @Killathuggrmx!