Candyman - Candyman, Do Me Right (Instrumental) (Prod by DJ Quik) (1993) (WAV)


(The_SouL) #1


|1|Candyman, Do Me Right (Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap Edit)
|2|Candyman, Do Me Right (Treat Me Like A Ho Mix)
|3|Candyman, Do Me Right (Candyland Club Mix)
|4|Candyman, Do Me Right (Bonus Beats For The Jeep)
|5|Candyman, Do Me Right (Instrumental)

I haven’t found the instrumentals anywhere so I hope you guys enjoy.
If someone needs another format of this or the other songs, it’s no problem.

Track 3

Track 5

(CSL) #2

good looks!! If i come across some i will upload