Carl "Butch" Small

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1:41:20 - Helter Skelter
1:42:25 - Can’t C Me was leftover from Doggystyle and not Helter Skelter
1:43:30 - California Love 2nd verse was originally Ice Cube

Unseen Death Row Records footage (February 1999) with Quik, J.Flexx, Doobie
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this one was great. very clever guy!

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Ya this one was especially great because he has never given an interview on his time at Death Row and he was so instrumental in a lot of the classics.

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yeah, I hope there’ll be the occasion to have more with him in the future. I rather respect cats like him bringing essential informations and knowledge, straight from their own account, than cats bringin alotta talk all around without dropping anything relevant for us to know, and usually echoing stuff from hearsay.
for example he mentional Emanual Dean doing the talkbox on What’s My Name. never knew that… I thought that was Tony Green since he’s credited as vocalist, unless the replaced Dean with him.

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Ya I always wondered who did talkbox on What’s My Name. I definitely agree with Butch that Dean did a shit job on the talkbox. It’s really easy to notice how bad it is when you listen to it isolated on the reel.

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yep, that was horrible. lol

y’all probably know all about this, but this is one of the guys Reggie asked about toward the last part with Butch…
Big Los - Music Profile | (aka Carlos McCullers)
looks more like he was a manager, probably responsible for Warlord passing by the label. he dropped a long ass interview with a 2pac channel ages ago.
I think he managed to get what was publicized to be 2Pac’s DR chain to some guy who auctioned it some years ago. that’s all the infos that’s easily obtainable about him. as far as I can recall I haven’t seen a picture of him at the DR offices, tho there are pictures of him and Suge floatin around.