City of Lies Trailer (LAbyrinth Movie) 9/7/18

(makaveli323) #1

(7hemack) #2

johnny depp … nice!

(makg86) #3

as Russell Poole RIP

(djcoma) #4

Quality looks good, but ironically its story is based on lies about the murders so I can’t get behind it.

(7hemack) #5

Only because reggie told otherwise?

(djcoma) #6

No, because there is ZERO evidence that links David Mack, Raphael Perez, and other LAPD cops to Death Row. The only remote connection is that Sharitha dated Kevin Gaines. No witness has ever come out saying there was any deeper connection than that. I understand why Russell Poole went down that path, but it in 20+ years nothing ever came of it.