Dr. Dre - 12 Steps to Recovery (Detox leak)


(djcoma) #1

Mad props to Chad Kiser for dropping this.

12 Steps To Recovery

Listen to 12 Steps To Recovery the new song from Dr. Dre

(tharow) #2

is there a different link bro its been removed

(djcoma) #3

I’ll hit up Chad to see if I can get it. Dre’s people were all over that shit lol

(FreeEmAll) #4

“Sccit” from dubcnn posted this zippy link

(tharow) #5

thanks man appreciated

(makg86) #6

Thank you!

(jasonc2010) #7

hella dope! hope more detox leaks come out

(CrimsonandClover) #8

It’s cool to hear this (and those other leaks from earlier in the week, or last week), but I have to be honest, I’m glad this particular version of Detox wasn’t released. It sounds like it would have been very disappointing – enough so that I think it would have dinged his legacy, actually.