EDI of The Outlawz

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(2Real29) #2

EDI was a little disinterested :frowning:

(djcoma) #3

Ya, he said this on Twitter last month:

Not sure what he thinks people are going to ask him in interviews if Pac is off limits :roll_eyes:

A lot of it probably has to do with his strained relationship with the estate.

(2Real29) #4

true @djcoma he seemed disgruntled about his very relationship with Pac (like you said it may be more so about the estate tho) . Only critique, EDI is still an OG, therefore he could have directed the convo to go in a more positive way, that he felt comfortable with, at least for the fans sake, as I personally can appreciate his legacy as an Outlaw.

(Chewie) #5

being no longer a collaborator of the Estate he has all the right to avoid being questioned about Pac stuff in interviews, as long as he keeps his ass away from interfering on other people’s business when it comes to Pac, 'cause I heard that’s what he’s been doing not too long ago.

(djcoma) #6

He definitely has that right. I’m just saying, does he actually think people are going to be seeking out EDI of the Outlawz for interviews on anything not related to Pac? Pac’s name kept him relevant (or as relevant as he could ever dream of being) so I think it’s a stupid move on his part. It appears he already has backtracked on it given that he was answering Pac questions in this very interview, even if they were shitty answers.

I wonder if the bad blood between him and the estate also extends to his relationship with Pac’s sister. I know they’re not together anymore, but I hope they haven’t let whatever is happening at the estate get in the way of raising their kids.

(Chewie) #7

yea, I know what ya sayin, my comment wasn’t mean to go directly at yours, it was just my intrusive thought on his attitude. as long as he doesn’t shit on another man’s plate he can be where the fuck he wants with his mind…

his kids with Seth be probably grown and able to decide for their lives these days, but yeah, he’s been lookin kinda bitter for a while. havin alot of issues now with the things Pac stood for at his time, havin alot of refusal toward the fans stressin him with the theory shit and questions. he even remarked it in this interview as if most of the fanbase is made of weirdos. fuck his talk…
we know there are weirdos out there, but at the end of the day people are fans and supported the music, aswell as his ass, so why even bothering? most of those “weirdos” are youngins and youtube jackasses, I don’t see many grown adult fans talkin the alive theory shit.

(podmac) #8

Every cent he has and continues to earn is because of Pac. Out of all the live shows this was the only one who showed complete disrespect to the fans which in turn made John and reggie blatantly uncomfortable. Reggie even seemed a lil embarrassed like the time when wack 100 started bringing up the airport hanger. When the outlaws do shows how many of the audience know the words to songs from Hope Dealer, Noble Justice, Blood Brothers, Ride With Us, etc? I’m betting none. Those Pac songs though? That’s why they buy tickets and that’s why promoters book them. Let’s see how long it is till they do another tribute to 2pac tour. That next question next question could be expected from a relevant star but not him. Reg made a good point when he quipped edi’s memory wasn’t so bad when he worked for the estate and Dr was handing over the unreleased songs.

(djcoma) #9

Ya, John and Reggie handled it well for what happened. I thought for sure Reggie was going to end it after he started the “next question” shit. As the interview progressed he was less of a dick. I think he felt a little guilty.

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Does anyone know what EDI stands for his name?

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I just know he named himself after: