Female singer on OFTB/2Pac/Kurupt/Kadafi "World Wide" - Left Eye's cousin

(pipoy) #1

I know this has been discussed dozens of times before and excuse me if this has been confirmed already, but it’s news to me and probably to other fans as well. I’ve just stumbled across a comment on YT about the singer on World Wide… I searched the forum but I couldn’t find any thread where this is mentioned.
For years it was said that it was Michel’le singing the hook, then Flipside (RIP) said it was Left Eye, the name Anige Martinez was put out there as well. But neither of them really sounded like the one who’s actually singing the hook.
Turns out it’s supposedly Left Eye’s cousin Tangi Forman. That would explain why the name Left Eye was brought up.

Listen to this song. She starts singing at 0:27 and if it’s not her on World Wide, I really don’t know who else it could be…

(thetermination) #2

Great find, sure sounds like her! This track was nice too

(Mr. Wicked) #3

On point, nice information. Stuff like this is why I’m on this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

(djcoma) #4

@pipoy I saw this posted in YouTube comments recently and came to the same conclusion that it was probably correct.

EDIT: Also there’s this…

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Here’s another:

(Crusty) #6

could be her on World Wide

(Outlaw713) #7

I’m pretty sure that is her. I heard a few notes and the way she sings some words is pretty spot on.

(Chewie) #8

only thing with Tangi Forman is we don’t know music she appeared on that dates back to the time World Wide was recorded. we don’t know how her voice sounded like back then, but if it hasn’t changed too drastically thru the years it might aswell be her.

(djcoma) #9

That song “No Tighter Wish” is from the Kazaam soundtrack which was released in 96. In all likelihood it was recorded within months of “Worldwide Stampede.”

On a side note it’s interesting that Flipside said Angie Martinez was there with Left Eye. The name Tangi is literally Angie with a “T” on the front. Left Eye worked with Angie on the Ladies Night/Not Tonight (Remix). That song reworked Kool & The Gang’s Ladies Night, which OFTB also did around the same time. Probably just a coincidence, but still interesting.

I think Flipside probably mixed up Tangi and Angie in that interview. He also may have purposely lied when he said Left Eye was the singer on that song. Let’s not forget that time OFTB took orders for that album and disappeared with the money. Not the most honest ppl.

(Chewie) #10

oh yeah, the similiar names. thought about that time ago, makes alot of sense.
are you talkin about the On Deadly Grounds album? didn’t they back out because the negotiator passed away or something? lol… I didn’t know that side of the story you’re talkin about. wow!

(djcoma) #11

Ya, On Deadly Groundz was it.

The much anticipated follow up to the 2007 underground classic “The Missing DR Files”. “On Deadly Groundz” features guest appearances from The Don, Richie Rich, Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Bad Azz, Tray Deee, Outlawz and more. Sampler will be coming soon! Pre-order to


  1. Intro
  2. Do U (feat The Don, Richie Rich)
  3. Who Got The Hits?
  4. The Struggle Continues (feat The Don, Outlawz)
  5. What Should I Do? (feat Envogue)
  6. Do or Die
  7. Roll On Baby (feat Nate Dogg)
  8. Never Give Up (feat Snoop Doggy Dogg)
  9. Its On In The Projects Remix (feat Daz) (aka Where The Party At?)
  10. Down 4 Forever
  11. Untitled (feat Snoop Doggy Dogg, Bad Azz, Tray Deee)(Prod by: L.T. Hutton)
  12. U Niggaz Goin’ Down
  13. Pay Back
  14. Bet U Never Rocked It Wit Us (BONUS SONG)(First single from “Hostile Environment” album)
  15. Doin’ It At The Spot Remix (feat Kurupt)(BONUS SONG)
  16. Outro

The bolded songs are the ones I know exist. Not sure if the others are real.

(Chewie) #12

yeah, those songs I never heard about. what’s the untitled song? I thought it coulda been On the Edge, but Snoop isn’t on it…

(djcoma) #13

I think it’s that one, just a mistake on one of the features.

(JonnyTanna) #14

Is born the same person as Tangi?

(djcoma) #15

No idea. Where have you heard of somebody named Born?