Hennessy OG?

(zeusescannons) #1

Would anyone on this forum know if there has been a Hennessey OG leak? There’s one in youtube but that’s like an Og vibe or something. I’m dying to hear this og. I’m very surprised at for why this and how it hasn’t leaked yet. Yes I am aware that Mopreme should be on it, I cleaned up the leak of him a little bit and I am aware that the OG acapella is online. Which is where the Mopreme leak comes from

(thetermination) #5

Nah man, it ain’t out… Patiently waiting for this one, as well as the OG’s of Uppercut or Ghost.
Here’s an OG Vibe I did a while back, including Syke & Mopreme: MEGA

(zeusescannons) #6

I have no idea if it was you but I found this on a different pac forum. Still very nice, thanks

(aisback) #7

This is super dope

(thetermination) #8

Thanks! Yeah probably, I have a bad habit of using a new name every time I register at forums…
And thanks to you too @aisback, glad y’all like it!

(zeusescannons) #9

Hey did you ever post a part of your og vibe to YouTube around 8 years ago? I found this on YouTube and it sounds exactly like yours. Did you finish off someone else’s or something? And where did you get the beat? It’s gorgeous https://youtu.be/N0eCDpIcb4k

(thetermination) #10

Nah man, I didn’t make that one! I heard 2 different mixes using the same sample (Make It Last - Keith Sweat) and I felt it was fitting so I decided to make my own version with Syke & Mopreme. Props to the one who first came up with the idea to use it, I don’t know who it was though!

(zeusescannons) #11

Fair enough. I have no idea how you found the sample.

(FreeEmAll) #12

the tag on that says LM45

(Chewie) #13

LM45 is LyricalMilitant, a guy that has been kickin it with the online community back in the days, 2000-2005.
he’s the same guy that went over to Johnny J’s house for an interview. it should still be floatin on youtube.

(djd1) #14

I first heard that sample too and did a remix for it based on it back in 09 on a diff forum.

Champagne Hennessy (DJ Disturbed1)

I always wondered what the og sounded like and would love to hear it one day!