How Can i Make a CPU / DiY acapella? (Leave methods if you would :) )

(zeusescannons) #1

Hi, would anyone care to tell me how i can make a DiY / CPU Acapella? I know the way where you line the instrumental and the song up and invert the instrumental. That’s only worked once. Im definitely doing it right and using the official instrumental. Also what exactly is a “CPU Acapella”? Bit of a stupid question so forgive me for that. Thanks!

(c50barz) #2

There’s a bunch of ways to generate a CPU/DIY pella. No one method is guarenteed because unmixing audio, depends how the audio is mixed & no two tracks are mixed exactly the same. I play a lot with center channel extraction in Adobe audition. It works on the principal that stereo audio is layered and panned somewhere from the left channel to the right but usually not exactly in the center. You can pan around on a high quality stereo WAV and possibly find the one audio angle where you can hear the vocals but no instruments. Onece you get close, you can further filter the layer by tweaking the noise floor etc.

(zeusescannons) #3

Anyone else reading this do leave any ways I can make DiY acapellas, would be appreciated.

(Killathuggrmx) #4

if u got the track and official instrumental u can invert the instrumental and cancel out the beat.u can also loop a part of the track were the instrumental plays by itself n do tha same,iv tried this way and adobe way,hit n miss

(askdbo) #5

above are the methods that are the most widely used. I can’t add anything, but I can say this…how much time you are willing to put in matters. mrmind seems as if he used the mid/side eq high/low pass and notch technique <-- method is an art in an of itself. sometimes you have to use every method to achieve a mixable acapella. I’ve been at this for over 5 years and I use the cancellation technique w/ kn0ckout vst for stage 1. mid/side eq for upper mid/high freqs and saving each stage, so I can go back and listen with fresh ears as to which process keeps the integrity of the vocals. almost forgot, I use izotope rx6 to clean up and finalize my diy, I also use wavlab (an oldy, but a goodie for chopping etc.)