How to post on Bomb1st

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How to post on the Bomb1st Forum


Before you post on Bomb1st, please read the rules on the FAQ page.


Markdown is the syntax we recommend you use to post with because it is the easiest to learn, and doesn’t take much effort to use. Please visit the CommonMark site for a reference on the Markdown syntax.

BBCode is also supported if you prefer to use that. Here is a list of supported tags.

Reply with Quote

To quote another user’s post, just select the text you want to quote and a quote button will pop-up that will quote the text in a new reply. You can also do this after you have already started a reply and it will be added to your draft. That’s also how you multiquote.


Click the search icon in the menu bar. There is an option to search within the topic you are viewing.

Search only in topic titles

To only search in topic titles, and not in the posts inside the topic, use the following syntax:

Untouchable in:title

Search only in a specific cateogry

Use the hash # symbol and you will get a category listing dropdown to select from:

Untouchable #2pac-downloads

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