J-Flexx: 2pac & Dr Dre's Recording Sessions (Blunt Time & California Love)?

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J-Flexx: 2pac & Dr Dre’s Recording Sessions (Blunt Time & California Love)?

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this is dope as always, Flexx with the heat :fire::fire::fire:


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So 2pac wasnt on Blunt Tyme, confirmed?? Was it just a myth?? So dissapointing… all of the Pac and Dre collabs were FIRE…was really excited about there possibly being one more hidden gem between them that we hadn’t heard yet…but what Bout that tape that rage posted?? The one that said 2pac Blunt Tyme? Perhaps pac and rage have an unreleased track titled blunt tyme, that has nothing to do with Dre?

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This is just from Flexx’s perspective. I took it as he isn’t aware of a version with 2Pac on it, but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist.

He’s familiar with a version that has Dre rapping on it. That version was likely done, just like Cali Love OG, before Pac came to Death Row. In the other video he talks about Roger recording for Cali Love and Blunt Time on the same day, which I think confirms that. I also don’t think Flexx mentioned Rage so she must have got on there at some time that Flexx wasn’t aware of.

From the info we have so far, I’m guessing the song evolved like this:

  1. First version with Dre verses written by Flexx and Roger added to the song when he comes to do Cali Love
  2. Dre lets Pac get on the song and also adds Rage to the track. At this point it’s being considered for AEOM.
  3. Track is cut from AEOM so Dre takes it to Aftermath and it turns into an RBX track.

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I asked Rage on messenger. Hopefully she responds and can clear this up once and for all
Also, I don’t know why this track is not talked about more. To me…this track is the holy grail of 2pac unheards.

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Haven’t gotten a reply. Has anyone heard “blunt time” and can confirm that pac has a verse on it?

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@bomb1st confirmed the song is real some years ago.

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It may have been confirmed as a real song, but not necessarily featuring tupac…Flexx said it was originally a Dre solo song. But I sure hope it’s a tupac song, and as I said earlier…I truly believe this 2 be the HOLY GRAIL of unheard Pac tracks…the two Dre and Pac collaborations we have are absolute CLASSICS…so I’m sure this would be as well…

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You should check this thread:

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Great info! Thanks man! Would be great if bomb1st would do a break down of this!

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Confirmation of it existing is not the same as having the actual song.