Makaveli T7DT Platinum Uncut Version

(ThugLife4Ever) #1

Apparently From Suge’s Personal Stash Before He Got Locked Up After Vegas & Flying The Row Out To The Bahamas To Record Christmas On Death Row :innocent::innocent::innocent:

(makg86) #2

Thank you!

(No Longer Active) #3

I hope some checks the spectrum on these, I have a strong feeling its the same old leak from way back just remastered and cleaned up.

(djcoma) #4

@DeanSherry93 can you please provide tracklists to what you upload? You can just edit the original post and add it. Thanks!

(ThugLife4Ever) #5

The Track List Is The Same As Retail Mate :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(djcoma) #6

Ok thanks. The same thing applies to your other uploads though. :sunglasses:

(ThugLife4Ever) #7

No Problem