Make West Coast Section Into General Hip Hop Or Music Section

(TannerG) #1

Makes more sense. Adds longevity to the forum and broadens discussion.

(djcoma) #2

I agree with this and was already thinking of doing that, just had not tackled it yet.

We could set up the categories like this:

  • Music
    • Hip-Hop (tagged by region so you can filter)
    • R&B
    • Other

The nice thing about this forum is that subcategory posts display in the parent category. So you will see all posts if you go to music, and you can go to a subcategory if that’s all you want to see. Makes everything more visible.

What do you think @TannerG?

(TannerG) #3

I like it.

(djcoma) #4

@TannerG this is in effect now