Michael Jackson - This Place Hotel (DJ Quik Mix)

(pipoy) #1

This is from J Rocc’s radio show ‘adventures in stereo’ last year when Quik was his guest.
It’s not a remix with new production, but Quik had access to the multitracks and mixed it.

(djcoma) #2

Ya I have had this for a few months and forgot to share. It’s fire, don’t sleep on it people! It’s so unfortunate that Quik and MJ never worked together.

We need this in WAV!!!

(The_SouL) #3

So good. Groovy af. Definitely need this in WAV.
Thanks for the share

(Chewie) #4

one of my fav joints by MJ. gotta check this out for sure, thanks for sharing!

What's your dream collaboration between producer and artist?