Michel'le - Mr Officer promo CD - request


Does anyone have this promo CD and willing to upload? Really want the instrumental version. I have the radio version from the clean version of the album.

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That one is very rare. Kind of doubt somebody would just upload it if they had it.

On the clean version of Chronic 2000 are there changed lyrics on any songs? And in what way is it edited? (Reversed, vocals silenced, or beeped out)


Hmm, well I guess that just depends on the person. Me for example, I’m happy to share anything.

To answer your question, most of the Chronic 2000 clean album is done properly (unlike a lot of Death Row clean albums!). So the lyrics are blanked out (i.e. instrumental part heard), better than most of the poorly edited ones where the lyrics get reversed meaning the tracks sound stupid. But yeah this album was well done, and there are some great tracks on there.

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Thanks for the info. So I take it none of the songs have alternate clean lyrics then?


I can’t remember without going through them again, but there may have been 1 or 2 at the most like that. Most of the others had words blanked out, and a few had lazy reversed lyrics (including one of the Tha Dogg Pound tracks - Roll Wit Us - which sounds so stupid like that as it’s like every other word reversed). But some of the best tracks on there are edited properly.

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My dude, can you post the clean version of Chronic 2000? I like collecting clean versions of albums lol.
Let me know if you want something in return as I might have a few rare ones

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