Only Move 4 The Money (Mixdown using the mixdowns)

(Killathuggrmx) #1

found this on 2F thought id post it here,i really like it,how bout u??!GEVyQKTA!R5Ggd3Xqvxm3M4PTqS7lrTeIhbJgh1Pl0LQBb3eMXH4

(dsetserg19711996) #2

I like more than the previous version!! thanks

(thetermination) #3

Thanks for sharing bro, I made this and forgot to post it on here as well!
Krysis did the original mixdown and I used the other mixdown available to remove the parts with the horns, since they felt a bit out of place imo.

(Killathuggrmx) #4

its by far the best remix so far of this track,the only problem is daz’z 2nd verse sounds offbar? his lyrics dont sound right t me? apart from that its a dope mix @thetermination !!

(thetermination) #5

Thanks man! The thing is that Krysis did the mix so I can’t change that, I just removed the parts with the horn sample and used the mixdown with only Pac & Snoop during those parts. If I ever get my hands on the reel files, I’ll do my own mixdown!

(thetermination) #6

Hey @djcoma I heard that you did a mixdown to this as well, do you feel like sharing it?