REQ: 50 Cent and Joe Budden Non-Retail Tracks


(TannerG) #1

Does anyone have these? It would be much appreciated if someone could upload some of these joints.

50 Cent - I Get It In (First Mix)
50 Cent - I Get It In (Final Mix)
50 Cent - SMS Get The Message
50 Cent - Boomerang
50 Cent - All About Dough
50 Cent - Run Up On Me
50 Cent - Old 2003 Ferrari
50 Cent - Happy New Year 2011
50 Cent featuring R.Kelly - Do What It Do
Eminem featuring Jay Z, Stat Quo, 50 Cent, and Ca$his - Syllables
Joe Budden featuring Emanny - Short Summer

(djcoma) #2

I can get you these in FLAC:

(TannerG) #3

Thank you, Coma. It would be very appreciated! I use to an autographed copy of Mood Muzik 4 before I gave it to a friend for his birthday. Never had the digital copy though.

(Okka) #4

I think this is the 2nd mix of “I Get It In”, with the piano added. From “The Best Of 50 Cent”. 320.

(TannerG) #5

Thank you, Okka! It is appreciated.

(djcoma) #6

(TannerG) #7

Thank you, Coma!