REQ Nas & 9th Wonder God's Stepson


(Nastradamus Escobar) #1

The link on datpiff dont work anymore, anyone got it?

(djcoma) #2

(Nastradamus Escobar) #3

Shit the novafile link is dead & the florenfile only works if u have paid account cause u can only dl 100mbs & sadly the albums like 118mbs, i wish 1994hiphopblogspot used mega or mediafire lol

(djcoma) #4

Florenfile max download size for free is 400mb

(Nastradamus Escobar) #5

It keeps telling me its only 100? Lol

(djcoma) #6

Oh ok I see that now too when I tried to download. The page before when you click on slow download says 400mb is max.

(Nastradamus Escobar) #7

Yeah that sucks if only it was 400 lol