Suge tried to sign DMX to Death Row East


(djcoma) #1

irvgotti187 Wow. Had to repost this. What a historical flick. Me with my Ruff Ryder Family. When Suge Knight flew us out. Cause he wanted to sign DMX. He came out to NY. Came to Powerhouse studios with Snoop. And listened to X spit. And boy did X spit. Was incredible. So he flew us out. And met with Dee and Waah but they didn’t like the deal he was talking. So crazy. So much history with my Ruff Ryder Family. Love my niggas. #ruffryders #dmx #day1shit BUNDOTELEMUNDO!!! Hahahha.

He says when this was in the comments:

irvgotti187@jay__prince I wanna say around 95/96. When Suge was starting Death Row East.

EDIT: It was when Pac was on Death Row so 95/96 is correct.

(Okka) #2

Could have been great. X is still one of my favorite rappers.

(itzmurda) #3

Interesting. My first time hearing of this.

(djcoma) #4

Ya that’s my first time too. That bottom image is from DMX’s autobiography from 2003 so the info has been out there. I guess this must be how Suge’s relationship with Murder Inc. and Ruff Ryders started and it explains how they ended up on Too Gangsta For Radio while Suge was still in jail.

(DeathRow97) #5

Damn, that would have been crazy if DMX signed back in like 94/95.

(djcoma) #6

It was actually when Pac was there. See my edit to the original post.

(DeathRow97) #7

Oh damn, never seen those pics before. So it was either late 95 or early 96.


(Chino Shakur) #8

Was DMX in the “Made Niggaz” video at the very end? I always thought that was him, but could never figure how he would of been in it.

(djcoma) #9

Nah. Are you thinking of one of the OFTB members?

(Chino Shakur) #10

Yeah they were in that shot, right at the end. There was one guy tho who I always thought was X standing next to them.

(djcoma) #11

What timetsamp?

If you’re talking about the guy at 4:08, that’s Bustop from OFTB. He’s the same guy that throws up the “W” at 4:33.

(Chino Shakur) #12

In this version at the 4 minute mark.

(djcoma) #13

Ya that’s Bustop. See my previous post.

(Chino Shakur) #14

Oh ok, just saw it. Thanks for the info.

(djcoma) #15

What’s interesting to me about this is that it seems the idea of Death Row East was being floated around while Dre was still on Death Row.

(DeathRow97) #16

Yeah I thought that was way after Dre left…guess not.

(Svengali) #17

So, I’ve just seen Irv in the comments claiming that Suge wanted to sign them to Death Row East & that these photos were taken in late 95 or early 96, but it looks more like a 94 styled Pac with his clothes & cross pendant?

My intuition tells me that this photo was taken prior to Tupac being signed to DR; he still had a relationship with Death Row which started in 1993, so it still makes sense.

I think Irv has a cloudy vision, like most of these guys do when it comes to throwback stories or he’s simply sugar coating things to make himself look good.

(djcoma) #18

Maybe it was Pac fresh out of prison?

(hennez) #19

Like the photos!

(RiotRiotRiot) #20

Having Irv run Death Row East would have made a lot more sense than Eric B, who was washed up by the time they hooked and had a dated style. Irv was pretty unknown to the wider public sure but was already known to be making moves in the industry.