Testimonial Game (Six-2, Daz, Kobe, Crooked I, etc.)

(TannerG) #1

Has anyone heard this or have this? I’m particularly interested in the Six-2 and Kobe track.

(djcoma) #2

I should be able to get this in FLAC for you.

(TannerG) #3

Thank you for hooking up all that you do, Coma! I didn’t even know this compilation existed till last night.

(djcoma) #4

No problem. Ya I have never seen it either. I know one of the songs, No Weak Link, is already released.

Seems like a lot of random compilations are popping up on streaming platforms. It’s probably easy in this day and age for artists to license out their music for this type of thing.

(TannerG) #5

I think you hit the nail on the head.

(TannerG) #6

Any word on this @djcoma ? I just want the track with Six-2 and Kobe.

(MI-K-L) #7

(djcoma) #8

Just waiting for somebody to fill my request on the private tracker. I’ll throw in some extra incentive to make sure it happens soon.

(TannerG) #9

Thank you @MI-K-L and @djcoma