Tha Realest instagram page not found?

(Killathuggrmx) #1

jus tried to message Realest on I.G n its sayin user not found?? does any1 have any info on this,John maybe??

(FreeEmAll) #2

he must have blocked you because his account is still there

(djcoma) #3

I can still see his Insta

(Killathuggrmx) #4

my ex stole me fone n posted all kinds to sum me followers :sleepy:

(Killathuggrmx) #5

dead body pictures n shit sent to all me family n sum of me followers, i went sick f dayz :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(TannerG) #6

Your ex has some issues, bro. At least she’s not sending your family dead squirrels or boxes of poop yet.

(Killathuggrmx) #7

i only found out the othaday,i was tryin t messsage Realest n it was sayin user not found!!! when i lookd at me last messages to him there were pictures of dead people!!! im fukin disgusted,fuming,ashamed and alot more feeling id rather not say,my momma told me to go to the police!!! i aint no snitch.i will sort it meself like i alwaays do.Realest is my fav rapper and now he prob thinks im a nutter:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: i cant even contact him to say im so sorry f that shit,i dont even kno were tha bitch found pictures of dead people?? krazy white woman,i hav a kid to her also so im kinda fukkd.